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Ha Chou Quan icon by Tarfellarn Ha Chou Quan icon :icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 0 0 Republic City: Ha Chou Quan by Tarfellarn Republic City: Ha Chou Quan :icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 5 17 The head of a Mhya Rau. by Tarfellarn The head of a Mhya Rau. :icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 0 0
You may fear.
When foreboding metal smiles carve effortlessly through age-old fluid boundaries thought to be perilous, not with skill, but with propulsion; then, may you fear.
When trudging domes cough false ethereal pillars of ground earth in the face of gods, not with defiance, but with amorality; then, may you fear.
When floating swords use sacred shores as grindstones, not with philosophical intent, but simply to find a footing; then, may you fear.
When heavy crawlers tear goodness from the earth they trample, not to sow new seeds of life, but simply to reach a destination; then, may you fear.
When a less blessed man stands before you adorned in synthetic strength, to maim you, to end you, all in the name of taking your world; then, may you fear.
Or might you return the favour in kind?
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My first shading attempt! by Tarfellarn My first shading attempt! :icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 1 1 Natanamata by Tarfellarn Natanamata :icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 3 1
Walking ... through the megalomania
Walking slow motion through the falling megalomania
There is little left to say,
when a world of material wealth crashes, hard,
grinding worth into its dusty, insignificant components,
in a pretty pattern around a soft core of truth:
preservation of a destructive, fragile tradition,
not to be used against the intent of nature,
despite its effectiveness in that respect.
What is left to show the world,
for that glimpsing moment,
the origin, A,
an abrupt journey,
to destination, B,
but the limitless power
of an immortal perpetuation of capability,
the way it was never meant:
as a manifestation of
the power of a man.
It will not reconstruct
the huge pillars of material wealth;
merely blow the pattern of dust
into something even more beautiful.
True power.
Power, as it was never meant to be.
:icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 1 0
Prince, my Prince
Prince, my Prince, see I will not stray from the course of rigid freedom.
Prince, my Prince, you might see the times gone caused my detachment.
Prince, my Prince, thine endowment might serve me, as I might serve thee.
                       The beach helps us find ourselves.
Be we old enough to care, do counted days mean at all to our way, or do we make it so?
                       Purity of open seclusion makes sense of our being.
Prince, my Prince, excuse my cognitive dissonance
                       Translated empathy, if only you listen.
Prince, my Prince, take me as I and myself; you are mine, I am yours.
friend, my Love, silence in your arms will do away with our confused paths.
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Memorising diary
Memorising diary,
We entered, this morning (about the seventh hour), the territory of the Pyctas; strange, I thought, that there be no physical demarcation of what land is theirs and what is not. Our only knowledge that we had in fact entered their territory was, well, their presence: a few at first, watching us, hidden behind the shrubbery in silence; of course, this was woodland the trees were few in number, like the Pyctas, until we ventured further in. The path was only a slight trail, perhaps that most often covered by the natives. It is fittingly mystifying, yes, but wondrous, the richness of colour the morning sunlight allows the thinner leaves of Pyctan trees to radiate; their translucence forms emerald shadows to caress between true gold. It is no wonder the people of our apparently more civilised world speak tales of such awe; somewhere, up the grapevine, adventurers brought back stories of this glorious, untainted haven they were not just stories and I too shall return
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Forget the clade
Forget the clade
Crunch. Press the soil. Only lightly stepping –
enough, still, to disrupt its tender makeup,
like our brethren.
They don physical freedom, all hair to air.
We cast sole upon soul – soles of the souls of others:
The track ahead is not entirely beaten – some parts that
Are remain of natural grace still; need we beat the path onwards?
We can flourish and nourish and forage, with courage – to stand beside
The oppressed.
The gone are gone; the remainder are precious.
We are the brightest(darkest), the most arranged,
But are we strangers, or merely estranged?
:icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 1 0
Haiku #3
Haiku #3 Homo/Natura
Wrong; right, left; farewell
My cognitive dissonance –
Return to nature.
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Haiku #2
Haiku #2 Adansonia grandidieri
Wander the lifeblood;
Fear not, they never take back.
They only provide.
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Haiku #1
Haiku #1 Indri indri
Our eyes lock across.
Different but similar;
Leaps and bounds away.
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Lemur catta by Tarfellarn Lemur catta :icontarfellarn:Tarfellarn 0 0



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~ I am just another person.
~ I love to imagine fantasy worlds. There are three that have expanded in my mind for the last few years and they are pending/undergoing expansion onto paper!
~ One of my fantasy worlds is a collaboration with two of my friends, who have kindly agreed to conjoin their world with mine!
~ I love 'Avatar: The Legend of Aang'.
Heavily into the first chapter of my Sci-Fi novel. How exciting!


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